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Hey there! I'm Hannah Hethmon, an independent consultant and award-winning podcaster offering a full range of services to museums, history organizations, and cultural nonprofits eager to harness the power of podcasting to advance their missions and engage their audiences. Let's talk about your project!

Museums in Strange Places Podcast

A podcast for people who love museums, stories, culture, and exploring the world. In each episode I visit a different museum to discover its stories and get to know the fascinating people who run it.


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I’m Leading an AASLH Webinar Series on Marketing and Social Media for Museums & Historic Sites

I’m excited to share that, after the success of my first webinar for AASLH, Social Media 101 for Museums and Historic Sites, I’m going to be teaching four more webinars this summer on marketing and social media. The webinars all stand alone, so you can watch all of them or choose the ones that address challenges you…

When Behind the Scenes IS the Exhibit: Lessons from History Lab at the Indiana Historical Society

As I write this, I’m enjoying an amazing conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, where I’m representing AASLH at the National Council on Public History (NCPH) Annual Meeting. Last night, I had the opportunity to attend and explore the museum of the Indiana Historical Society, where I fell deeply in love with their History Lab. The History Lab “provides a…

The Participatory Museum on Social Media

I’m finally reading Nina Simon’s 2010 The Participatory Museum, and of course it’s great. I’ve been picking up a lot of ideas on how to use social media to dialogue and engage our members at AASLH–to communicate with them instead of just communicating to them. By the time I’d read the introduction before I realized that the entire book could be…

Using Instagram to Incorporate Visitor Reactions into the Exhibit: An Example from the Wellcome Collection

I’m currently on holiday in London for two weeks. Of course, as a DC native living in Nashville, I miss the capital’s near-infinite supply of museums, so I’m doing my best to see as many of London’s amazing free museums as possible. While most of the larger institutions (Tate, British Museum, National Gallery, etc.) could…