Cultural Nonprofit Work

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Primary Organization Name: newCardigan
Organization Location : Australia

a GLAM podcast by newCardigan

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Heritage Voices
Primary Organization Name: Jessica Yaquinto
Organization Location : United States

Jessica Yaquinto is an ethnographer and deals in tribal consultation. The podcast includes topics on mediating between tribes, community based participatory research, and tribes’ perspectives of anthropology.

CI to Eye
Primary Organization Name: Capacity Interactive (CI)
Organization Location : New York City, New York, United States

In an age of profound change, how must arts administrators evolve so our organizations stay relevant and thrive? It starts by asking tough questions. Erik Gensler, the President of Capacity Interactive (CI), a digital marketing consulting firm for the arts, speaks with thinkers a…

An Archivist’s Tale
Primary Organization Name: An Archivist’s Tale
Organization Location : New York, New York, United States

Archivists in conversation with archivists, discussing their work and passions and how they care for the historical record and present the storied past. Hosted by husband and wife team Karen Trivette and Geof Huth.

Podcast Website: Website
Historical Reminiscents Podcast
Primary Organization Name: Krista McCracken
Organization Type:
Organization Location : Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

The Historical Reminiscents podcast is dedicated to discussing public history and archival practice. Created and produced by Krista McCracken this weekly podcast discusses archival impulses, shares insight into the world of public historians, and tackles historical interpretation…

Podcast Website: Website
Creative Minds Out Loud logo
Primary Organization Name: Mass Cultural Council
Organization Location : Boston, MA, US

Informative and lively conversations with arts and cultural leaders, hosted by the Mass Cultural Council.

Podcast Website: Website
On View
Primary Organization Name: Knight Foundation
Organization Location : United States

On View is a series that explores how museums are evolving to keep pace with society, how they can become welcoming to a wider public, and how technology offers new opportunities to reach audiences. Hosted by Chris Barr, Knight Foundation’s Director of Arts + Technology Innovatio…

Podcast Website: Website
Tech in the Arts
Primary Organization Name: Carnegie Mellon University
Organization Location : Pittsburgh, PA

The podcast is part of the Arts Management and Technology Laboratory, a A research center of Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Arts Management program, the Arts Management and Technology Laboratory (AMT Lab) serves as an exchange, a catalyst for innovative ideas, and a condu…

Cultura Conscious
Primary Organization Name: Paula Santos
Organization Location : N/A

Join Paula Santos, a podcast addict and lover of everything arts and culture, in conversation with other museum and cultural workers, educators, artists, activists, and leaders about how we work with our communities and the public at large. She is particularly interested in how t…