Welcome to my ever-expanding directory of podcasts by cultural nonprofits. This is a searchable, categorized list of every podcast I’ve been able to find created by museums, history organizations, universities, theaters, libraries, musical institutions, and more. I’ve also included a few podcasts about working in these fields. For-profit institutions are included if they fit into the larger context of these types of organizations. Am I missing a show? Use the “Create a Listing” button to add any missing podcasts. If there are any errors or you have any general comments or suggestions, please send me an email.

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!!!!!Please read carefully before submitting!!! Listings that do not follow instructions or try to break the rules will be removed. The only for-profit organizations/individuals allowed to post their podcast here are consultants and other companies who provide services to museums and other nonprofits. You may not list your podcast if it is just recordings of live programs/events, unless these live events were conducted specifically as a podcast taping. Shows that provide commentary and new content with recorded event audio are allowed. If you have questions, please ask. Choose the one or two categories that best describes your podcast AND their parent categories (if applicable). If there is no category that matches your organization type, please contact me and I will add it. Please note that at this time, I am not accepting listings from podcasts about history that are unaffiliated with any organization. The only image you add should be your podcast's official cover image. Please keep the size under 300x300 px. Listings without a cover image will not accepted. For location, please enter it as [City, Country]. If you are in the US, please also include the state spelled out and United States as the country like so [Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States]. If you are in Canada or another country that commonly uses regions or provinces, use the same format, spelling out the region or province. If you are in the UK, please format location like [London, England, United Kingdom]. For non-English speaking countries, please put your city and country in English then in your language(s) after a semi-colon, like this: [Helsinki, Finland; Helsinki, Suomi; Helsingfors, Finland]. If you have any questions, please email me. Consistent formatting is key to everything being searchable. A link to your podcast on Apple Podcasts/iTunes is required. Google Podcasts link is not required, but strongly recommended. If you don't have your podcast on Apple Podcasts/iTunes, it's not eligible for the directory. Google Podcasts link is not required, but strongly recommended. To find your Apple and Google Podcast links, use the website Pod.Link The organization website should NOT be a podcasting platform (libsyn, podbean, soundcloud). If you do not have a page on your website for your podcast, enter your organization's website. If you have any questions or can't figure out how to submit, simply send me an email at info@hhethmon.com and I can post the information for you or help you. Posts needs to be approved by me before going up. This can take up to a few days. If you do not get approval within a week, please contact me. Thanks for submitting! Please share the directory so more people can enjoy it. -Hannah Hethmon, info@hhethmon.com
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