Museum on Main Street: A Love Letter to Small-Town America (Museums in Strange Places S02 E09)

Museum on Main Street: A Love Letter to Small-Town America (Museums in Strange Places S02 E09)

About half of all museums in the US are in small towns in rural America. Each of these museums holds stories and objects that are worth preserving and sharing, but they don’t always have the funding and infrastructure they need to operate and innovate. That’s where Museum on Main Street comes in. This Smithsonian program brings traveling exhibits to small towns for six weeks at a time. But the exhibit materials are just the catalyst for a much bigger experience, an experience that leaves these towns empowered to use culture to build stronger communities. In this episode, I hear from folks in DC, Massachusetts, Florida, Iowa, and Minnesota about the impact of Museum on Main Street.

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Welcome to Museums in Strange Places. I’m your host, Hannah Hethmon, a museum consultant specializing in podcasting for museums, and this is a podcast for people who love museums, stories, culture, and exploring the world.

I believe that museums are one of the best ways to discover a place, whether it’s your first time visiting or you’ve lived there your whole life. Join me on this adventure as I get to know the world….one museum as a time.

In this season of the podcast, I’m visiting the museums of Maryland to discover what stories they hold and how they reflect and shape this state’s unique cultural identity.

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Museum on Main Street’s Exhibition Planning Guide, created by Grove History Consulting, who sponsors Museums in Strange Places.

Learn more about Water Bar, as described in the episode by Shanai Matteson.

Find out more about the humanities councils referenced in this episode: Mass Humanities, Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, Minnesota Humanities Center, Florida Humanities Council, Maryland Humanities Council, Humanities Iowa

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