Museums in Strange Places Season 2: Museums of Maryland (TRAILER)

In each season of Museums in Strange Places, I explore a different country, state, or region through its museums. In Season 1, I traveled around Iceland. For season two, I decided to explore my native state of Maryland. I visited 20 of Maryland’s most interesting and unique museums, including America’s first purpose built museum, a historic synagogue, a black history wax museum, a New Deal public housing utopia, the house where Edgar Allan Poe published his first poem, one of the earliest nursing schools in the country, and so many more.

On November 14, tune in to hear the first three episodes of Museums in Strange Places, “Season 2: Museums of Maryland.” Join me on my latest adventure, as discover what stories these incredible cultural institutions hold and how they reflect and shape this Maryland’s unique identity.

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How to Listen to Museums in Strange Places

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The Museums of Season Two

Here are the museums I will be visiting for Season Two:


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