Beginner Webinar on Podcasting for Museums & Historic Sites (Aug 14)

Thinking of starting a podcast for your museum, historic site, or history organization? Good news! I’m teaching a webinar for AASLH to help you figure out if podcasting is right for your organization and teach you the basics you need to know in order to start your own in-house podcasting project.

Date: August 14, 2018
Time: 3:00 – 4:15 pm EASTERN TIME/EDT (Remember to calculate for your time zone!)
Cost: $40 AASLH Members / $65 Non-members

Closed captioning available upon advanced notice. Please contact for more information.


Here’s the official description:

What is a podcast, who listens to podcasts, and why should history organizations care? In this AASLH Continuing Education webinar, Hannah Hethmon, AASLH alumna and host of the podcast #MuseumsInStrangePlaces, introduces podcasting for history museums, historic sites, and history organization. Participants in this webinar will learn how podcasting is being used by museums, what it takes to produce their own podcast, how they can decide if podcasting is right for them, and how to get started making a quality podcast on a small budget. This webinar is a great introduction or refresher for history organizations considering creating a podcast or interested in freshening up their existing podcast practice. Participants will also receive a Resource List with information on equipment, storytelling, editing, promotion, training opportunities, and more, as well as a Podcast Planning Worksheet for those inspired to start their own podcasts.


  • Participants will have a good understanding of the medium of podcasting and how it is being used (and can be used) by museums
  • Participants will be able to make an educated decision about whether or not they should have a podcast at their museum, whether they should produce in-house or out-source, and other options for using the medium to further their mission without creating their own podcast.
  • Participants who do want to start their own podcast will have a checklist for getting started and be able to create a plan and budget for their own podcast.
  • Participants who want to start a podcast will be equipped to make a strong case to stakeholders and know where to find more advanced information.

Why am I qualified to teach this webinar? 

Hannah Hethmon is the producer of Museums in Strange Places, an AAM award-winning podcast that explores the world through it’s museums. She just finished a nine-month Fulbright fellowship in Iceland studying language and museums. Prior to that, she worked as AASLH’s Membership Marketing Coordinator. Currently living in Warsaw, Poland, Hannah is a native of the greater D.C. area and holds an M.A. in Medieval Icelandic Studies. She is passionate about helping museums communicate effectively and meaningfully with their audiences. Find her on Twitter @hannah_rfh.

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