A Podcast Season Dedicated to Maryland’s Museums

I’m excited to share that Season Two of the Museums in Strange Places podcast will be dedicated to exploring the museums of my home state, Maryland.

Museums in Strange Places is a podcast for people who love museums, stories, culture, and exploring the world. I believe that a place’s museums, collectively, serve as an autobiography of place and identify. In each season of the podcast, I aim to explore and understand the stories a different country, state, or region tells about itself.

In the first season of the podcast, I visits the museums of Iceland to discover what stories they hold and how they reflect and shape Iceland’s unique cultural identity. In each episode, I visit a different museum and talk to the fascinating people whose passion and expertise keep the doors open and the stories alive.

Museums in Strange Places is an independent passion project (and love letter to the world’s museums) that I was able to start thanks to a Fulbright fellowship to live and study in Reykjavík, Iceland for nine months.

I will be recording at Maryland’s museums for two weeks in July, and releasing episodes starting in the Fall of 2018. Iceland episodes are still being released, so subscribe on your preferred podcast listening platform (like Apple Podcasts,  Google PlaySpotifyRadio PublicLibsynOvercast.fmStitcherCastbox). That guarantees you will get a notification as soon as the first Maryland episode comes out.

Sponsorship Opportunities

This season of the podcast will be open to sponsorships by relevant companies and organizations. The podcast reaches an international audience, with about 50% US listeners. Please email me at info[at]hhethmon[dot]com for more information on past sponsors, demographics, download rates, and sponsorship costs. Sponsorship helps me pay for the (increasingly expensive) cost of equipment, software, and travel.

The Museums of Season Two

Here are the museums I will be visiting for Season Two:




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