Celtic Connections on the Icelandic Coast: A Visit to the Akranes Folk Museum (Museums in Strange Places S01 E07)

Akranes is a coastal town in the southwest region of Iceland with a growing population of about 7,000. They have a unique heritage, as the area was settled in large part by Celts, not Norsemen. The charming Akranes Folk Museum has been around for almost 60 years, and is beginning a large project to revamp their exhibits to better serve the new residents of the area, Icelanders visiting from the greater Reykjavík area, and an increasing numbers of foreign visitors. I sat down with the museum’s director Jón Allansson to discuss the town’s unique history and their surprising connection to the current US president.

Music in this episode is by the Icelandic musician Snorri Helgason.

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The Sigurfari, a 19th c. cutter, and one of the museum’s most impressive acquisitions.

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The new boathouse being built in the old manner.

The oldest concrete house in Iceland.

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