A Family, a Mineral Collection, and a Museum in a Gas Station (Museums in Strange Places S01 E06)

Hafsteinn Thor has always been interested in geology, nature, biology, and philosophy (and acting, directing, singing, and learning new instruments…he’s a multi-talented guy). But when he met his wife’s family, he was draw into their decades-old passion for stone and mineral collecting. Last year, he and his father-in-law finally set up a museum with the family’s collection…in the gas station of their small town in the south of Iceland. In this episode, I visit the Ljósbrá Steinasafn, the Hveragerdi Stone and Mineral Museum, to hear the family story and find out more about the gorgeous samples in their collection.

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NThe music in the first part of this episode is by Hyson.

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Photos and Video of the Museum and the Family

Hafsteinn Thor showing off a sample.

The petrified wood piece!

Hafsteinn’s favorite sample in the museum.

Hafsteinn Thor showing off a sample.

A reading nook in the museum

Other family members at work creating the handcrafted gift shop items that fund the museum.

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