Social Media 101 for Museums and Historic Sites (Get 25% Off the Webinar)

**Update 2/10/17***

Now that the webinar is over, you can buy a recording from the AASLH website. It’s $15 for AASLH Members or $30 if you aren’t a member.


I’m excited to share that I’ll be teaching a webinar on January 17 at 3pm for the American Association for State and Local History. Social Media 101 for Museums and Historic Sites will be a crash course on effective social engagement for museums and historic sites. I’ll assume that most of you are already using social media for your organizations in some capacity, so this webinar will focus on how to turn your social media presence into a strategic tool for furthering your mission and engaging your community. Whether you are a complete beginner in social media marketing or have been doing it for a while and need some inspiration, this webinar will offer valuable insights and tips. I’ve been working extremely hard on Social Media 101 for Museums and Historic Sites, and I know you’ll get a lot out of it!

The webinar costs $40 for AASLH members and $65 for nonmembers, but you can get 25% off regstration by using the promo code SOCIALDISCOUNT. Learn more and register here.

Here’s the full webinar description:

65% of all adults in the U.S. use at least one social media site. From sharing family photos to learning about what is happening in the world to organizing revolutions to planning a day trip, social media has connected local and international communities like never before. History organizations can be intimidated by the number and variety of social media platforms available. Where do you start? How can history museums best navigate this constantly changing, super connected world? Join AASLH’s Hannah Hethmon for an intensive introduction to social media use at museums and historic sites. Whether you are just setting up your site’s accounts or have been using social media for years, this is a great chance to learn best practices and ask questions.

Topics covered will include:

-Basic social media theory
-How to decide which social media platforms are best for your organization
-How to tailor your posts to your audience
-How to create mission focused content for social sharing
-How to use social media to build relationships with visitors and potential visitors
-Best practices
-An introduction to paid advertising on social media
-Easy ideas to take home and start using right away

Learn More and Register on the AASLH Website

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